12:29 p.m.
new here?

i want to read
the poetry of your smile
and hear the rhythm of your bones
i want to know the thoughts behind your eyes
and feel the warmth of understanding
twine its fingers though my frozen hands
i want to feel the heat of a happy heart
i want to press mine against it
till they beat in time
i want to reach inside you
and hold your soul
i want to squeeze it gently
to take it's measure
but not to bruise
i want to fill up your skin with me
and look out of your eyes at myself
i want to turn and see the world as you do
i want to know that when i walk away
you'll walk with me
because i have left my finger prints
on your mind
and no matter where i go
and regardless of how i change
and any length of time could pass
but you would always know me
and would never forget
the moments we held each other's souls
and timed each other's hearts
and wore each other's skin.

i want you to be my light.
and i want to be yours